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~ Monday, July 28 ~

Sims 2 PSA


Nighat = Urdu

Benazir = Sindhi

Not Arabic. Not Middle Eastern.

Don’t forget Pakistan, guys!

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~ Sunday, July 27 ~




What would one of my followers gifts be without some terrains, these ones were made with holiday destinations in mind, mainly Cornwall (Brightbutter) and the Lake District (Woodwyn), both beautiful places that I 10/10 would recommend you go.

Brightbutter (can be seen in this post)


Surrounded by sea, with little bits of land in the middle to break up the blue abyss (and to make use of pretty water floors), got plenty of mountains for goats farming deco, too. Has a small cliff area up top, which due to weathering will probably cease to exist in several generations. 



Mountainous, very mountainous. Situated at the end of one of the tributaries of the nearby lake. Plenty of room to make a quaint fishing neighbourhood, or a mountain holiday destination. There’s even room for Bigfoot on his own little plot of land across the river!

Would you look at that, it’s two clever and beautiful terrains that I think would be really fun to play in!

Reblogging in part because they would even fit some of the requests I’ve been getting :)

I love these terrains! :) They remind me of all the interesting little coves and inlets along the coast where I live.

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Q: How will the limited number of available lots effect gameplay in TS4?

A: The resulting housing shortage will cause large numbers of moocher, bro Don Lotharios to leave their natural solo habitats and move into existing all-female households in an attempt to form some cross between The Bachelor: Family Edition and Heinlein-style line marriages.

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~ Saturday, July 26 ~


This is my first tutorial showing you how to do a simple recolour of an AM shirt. Credits to Simsimi who made the mesh and base texture I’m using!

I would like to apologise for the horrible audio, I had our fan on in the background since it’s crazy warm here today. I will hopefully have some more tutorials up soon and fingers crossed I figure out how to do this better next time. Also, sorry about the watermark, I had a hard time finding a good editing software. (Recommendations greatly appreciated!)


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~ Friday, July 25 ~
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This might be a silly question but I’ve never played any premades or took a close look at them. What does “shwc” mean?

It’s an acronym I use for my sims story, Strangetown, Here We Come. The title’s a bit wordy, so I use hat to save on having to write it out every time. I usually type it it as “S,HWC” but tumblr doesn’t allow the comma in tag form.

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Never fear, Frances! I’ll finally be busting you all out of uni really soon. I will also be celebrating that day very, very much.

Perhaps I should throw a party? :P

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Tank and Frances discuss graduation from LFT

"The funeral’s in a couple of days. Will you be free?"

"Yes, I’m finished with all my exams. And the graduation ceremony is not until the end of the week."

"Oh, right. That thing."

"I’m not really one for such things, as you know, but I’m looking forward to it all the same. Between switching majors and everything else, it feels like I’ve been in university forever.”

"Yeah, it sorta does."

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